How To Start GAPS

...or, What I Wish Someone Had Told Me in April 2010
by Sarabeth Matilsky

This is obviously biased by my family's experiences, but I'm hopeful that it will help you as you craft your own, unique health-promoting GAPS diet plan. This article will be updated as needed--please send me suggestions!)

(As of March 2013, I have posted a comprehensive list of How We Eat Now, with lots of recipes: )

The Difference Between Rotten, How to Eat Raw Liver (and Other Fascinating Articles This Week)

Dear Family,

“How easy and delightful life might be if we could do this, if when we had attained the position we wished, we might rest on our oars and watch the ripples on the stream of life.”

--Laura Ingalls Wilder, “Little House in the Ozarks: The Rediscovered Writings”


Classes are in full-swing, here at Sara University. Some of my graduate courses, like “Healing the whole family,” and “Starting to Learn Who Your Child _Really_ Is,” and “Organ Meats 101,” are not part of any major I ever thought I'd pursue with such passion.

Saving Sammy: Curing the Boy Who Caught OCD - a book review

In the summer before sixth grade, Beth Alison Maloney's middle son suddenly began to exhibit severe obsessive-compulsive behaviors. She documents his ensuing multi-year battle with mental illness in her book, “Saving Sammy: Curing the boy who caught OCD.”

The Miraculous Possibility of Hope, and Really Bad Words

Dear Family,

The Wise Traditions Conference was a bit more than simple propaganda, inspiration, and meeting great people--it was also validation for this massive, challenging, unpaid job that Jeff and I have been doing. It was a chance to meet “colleagues” also in the “business” of healing their families, and who were willing to share honestly, reserve judgment, and laugh in a friendly sort of way when I--former-life-long-vegetarian that I am—approached the buffet tables at mealtimes with a mixture of disgust and delight and intellectual curiosity.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Natasha Campbell-McBride)

Lecture at Wise Traditions Conference, King of Prussia, PA, November 12, 2010.

This is a transcription and adaptation by me (Sarabeth Matilsky). Any mistakes are undoubtedly mine, although I made an effort to leave out any details or insert a (?) when I felt unsure about NCM's intended meaning.

The Heart is Not A Pump (Tom Cowan, MD)

The Heart is not a Pump: lecture by Tom Cowan, MD (Wise Traditions Conference, King of Prussia, PA, 11/14/10)

The following is a transcription and adaptation by me (Sarabeth Matilsky). Any mistakes are undoubtedly mine, although I made an effort to leave out any details or insert a (?) when I felt unsure about Dr. Cowan's intended meaning.

Carnivorous Consumption Keys Planetary Health (Joel Salatin)

Carnivorous Consumption Keys Planetary Health, keynote speech by Joel Salatin, Saturday 11/13/10 at "The Politics of Food" Wise Traditions Convention, King of Prussia, PA

“Our culture generally embraces the wonder of animals' ecological symbiosis on nature programs, but does not understand the same principles when applied to domestic livestock on farms and ranches. The combination of poor farming practices and the Bambiizing of America have colluded to make human carnivores politically incorrect. But animals and humans can relate symbiotically to heal land, economies, and people.”

On the Ground with the Counterculture

Dear Family,

“You gotta be extra forgiving, and you gotta be super strong.” --Indigo Girls


Rock Concerts, Real Butter, and Other Interesting Topics

Dear Family,

“I had my impossible assignment: to think of how I think the way I do not think.”
--Huston Smith

“Nothing is more destined to create deep-seated anxieties in people than the false assumption that life should be free from anxieties.”
--Fulton J. Sheen


Trepidatious Jubilation

Dear Family,

Last April, I spoke too soon. Just after we'd started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Ben began eating like he'd never seen food before--after a lifetime of severely picky and self-limiting food choices, he was suddenly eating soups, and meat, and chunky vegetables, for _hours_ per day. It was like some actual other kid had dropped in from outer space to inhabit my own child's seat at the table. I was so ecstatic that I stood in the kitchen, and frantically tried to cook fast enough to keep up with his appetite, and cried.

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