The Heart is Not A Pump (Tom Cowan, MD)

The Heart is not a Pump: lecture by Tom Cowan, MD (Wise Traditions Conference, King of Prussia, PA, 11/14/10)

The following is a transcription and adaptation by me (Sarabeth Matilsky). Any mistakes are undoubtedly mine, although I made an effort to leave out any details or insert a (?) when I felt unsure about Dr. Cowan's intended meaning.

Carnivorous Consumption Keys Planetary Health (Joel Salatin)

Carnivorous Consumption Keys Planetary Health, keynote speech by Joel Salatin, Saturday 11/13/10 at "The Politics of Food" Wise Traditions Convention, King of Prussia, PA

“Our culture generally embraces the wonder of animals' ecological symbiosis on nature programs, but does not understand the same principles when applied to domestic livestock on farms and ranches. The combination of poor farming practices and the Bambiizing of America have colluded to make human carnivores politically incorrect. But animals and humans can relate symbiotically to heal land, economies, and people.”

On the Ground with the Counterculture

Dear Family,

“You gotta be extra forgiving, and you gotta be super strong.” --Indigo Girls


Rock Concerts, Real Butter, and Other Interesting Topics

Dear Family,

“I had my impossible assignment: to think of how I think the way I do not think.”
--Huston Smith

“Nothing is more destined to create deep-seated anxieties in people than the false assumption that life should be free from anxieties.”
--Fulton J. Sheen


Trepidatious Jubilation

Dear Family,

Last April, I spoke too soon. Just after we'd started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Ben began eating like he'd never seen food before--after a lifetime of severely picky and self-limiting food choices, he was suddenly eating soups, and meat, and chunky vegetables, for _hours_ per day. It was like some actual other kid had dropped in from outer space to inhabit my own child's seat at the table. I was so ecstatic that I stood in the kitchen, and frantically tried to cook fast enough to keep up with his appetite, and cried.

An All-Out Effort

Dear Family,

“Everything's so _completely_ not perfect!”


You could call it GAPS: Take Two. The past several weeks have been a super-focused, nearly-non-stop attempt to help Ben's body get to a more sustainable place on our Great Gut Healing Adventure. During the late summer, it was getting clearer and clearer that one cannot heal Gut Dysbiosis on eggs alone. And so Jeff and I, and Ben too, have been working incredibly hard to make healing foods go down into his little stomach.

The Curse of Carbs

Chronic Disease And Why I Care So Much About Gut Flora: An Opinion Piece for an Industrial Age, by Sarabeth

(To be clear: I am presenting a _summary_ of my recent health and nutrition research. I am not providing sufficient evidence/data to prove to anyone that my opinions are valid. If you're curious about or skeptical of the basis for my conclusions, please read the books and websites I recommend. Then, let me know what _you_ decide.)

A Big-Deal Birthday, and Giant Juicy Steaks

Dear Family,

You are not going to get a GAPS update this week. Here's a little explanatory parable:

On some days, you wake up efficiently and enthusiastically and Ready To Go, launching directly from dreamland onto a mental trampoline. Then you realize it's dark out, and that you kind of have a headache. And then you touch your own face, and suddenly you just KNOW--the lump you can feel is a tumor! Panic sets in before you discover that you aren't even fully awake yet.

A Romantic Wedding, and How to Leave School

Dear Family,

I know that some of you are sick and tired of hearing about Intestinal Health. (In fact, Athena says that my continual use of the word “Gut” has turned the term into a complete turnoff for her in every possible way. I'm sorry, Sister-Mine--it really would be nicer if instead of discussing our colon or esophagus or anus, we could refer to our “Dulcinea” or “Chatoyant” or “Propinquity.” However, I am just not ready to take on the lexicographers at this present time.)

For now, please humor my continued discussion of human digestion and check out this article:

Seeking to Mentor a Teenage Highschool Rise-Out

I just visited North Star in western Massachusetts . This is an absolutely, incredibly, indescribably amazing place. North Star helps teens and their parents to bridge the gap between schooling and homeschooling, but it's not a learning co-op, or even an "alternative school." Most particularly, it's for helping kids who are miserable in school, to get out. (See North Star's 7 Guiding Principles, pasted below.)

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