Reviving Ophelia Article

I currently can't find a copy of this essay, which was originally published in "blue jean: what young women are thinking, saying, and doing," edited by Sherry S. Handel. Let me know if you find it somewhere!

Teaching in a Lonely Desert

(Originally published in the George Street Co-op's newsletter, "Food for Thought," in 1996(?)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

I never sit in a school classroom. I’m a homeschooler, and the idea of a classroom with other students around me in orderly rows and a teacher in front is alien to me. Does this mean I have no teachers, that I don’t learn from anyone? Does it indicate that I am deprived of an intellectual community?

Turning Sixteen

(Originally published in "New Moon Network" magazine, May/June(??) 1997)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

On 12 November 1995, I turned sixteen and crossed that invisible threshold separating childhood from the rest of my life. On that crisp November evening I passed into a new period of my life surrounded by my family and twenty-four close friends.

The School of Life

(Originally published in the George Street Co-op Newsletter)

By Sarabeth Matilsky

I have been wanting to write an article on homeschooling for a while, but I couldn’t think of what to say. Then I picked up The Home News & Tribune on Monday, October 30, and in the Education Section there was an article. It made me very angry, and the thoughts just came tumbling out. The article was about teen-agers who don’t want to attend college, and there were several points made that I disagree with wholeheartedly.

A Homeschooler Goes to School – for a Day!

(Originally published in Growing Without Schooling #96 (1993??).)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

I've been homeschooled all my life, and a few months ago I got fed up with people asking me so many stupid questions about homeschooling. I felt like I should go around wearing a sign that read: “No, I do not feel like I'm missing out by not going to school. Yes, I have plenty of friends. Yes, homeschoolers CAN get into college and get jobs.”

The School of Life – Learning History

(Originally published in the George Street Co-op Newsletter (sometime in 1993?). As you can tell from the writing, it was one of the first essays I ever attempted.)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

Every homeschooler is different. Ask twelve homeschooling families what homeschooling means, and you will get a dozen different answers.

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