A Soliloquy of The Moment

After Jeff and I had been together for awhile, I pretty much told people that my favorite topic of conversation was sex. I was probably a bit, I regret only a little, insufferable about how fun my life had become. But you know how it is - when something takes up a lot of your brain space, it becomes your Primary Topic of Import.

In Which We Are Home Free!

Dear Family,

"The notion that we need the same type of economic system for all areas of life is ridiculous. For big things like cars, airplanes, computers, etc, capitalism is appropriate and works very well. For public services, education, utilities and (I believe) natural resources, a kind of socialism is the appropriate model. But for things like food, farming, clothing, low-tech manufacturing, etc, the best model is free enterprise (which is different from capitalism)."

--Sally Fallon Morell


In Which We Get Rid of 95% of Our Possessions in 3 Weeks

Dear Family,

"Working as a mover makes you not be a hoarder. I see so much stuff every day, and I don't want any of it! All they are...are nice things."

--G. Owner of a local moving company

So yeah. It's pretty crazy to decide, after ten years of living in a place, to leave. It's even more crazy to decide to stop living in a house. Especially when you, despite some exceptions during camping trips, always HAVE lived in a house, and now suddenly you've decided to keep only those possessions that are absolutely necessary AND will fit into a van + pop-up camper.

My Little Jem


"Humans and other living creatures are amazing!"

Watching Michael Moore's movie: "We _need_ to change our prisons."

(This is a Jemmerism from 2015, which I just found written on a tiny scrap of paper inside my desk. It's also the nicest thing he said to me all year.) "Do you know how much I love you, on a scale of one to ten? ...Ten trillion!"

"It's impossible to have one and a half bites of something."

After watching "Crazy for You": "They did movie-kissing in this. But in _real_ movie-kissing, they switch sides."

In Which We Make It Through Another Winter, Get The Chickenpox, and Begin An Adventure

Dear Family,

"Why change the diet, many people ask; we are going to die anyway, so shouldn't we just enjoy what we eat? The problem...is that if we just eat anything that tempts us, and allow our families to do the same, we end up with a life in which little can be enjoyed.

Nursing Ivy Lyn

"We don’t treat asthma in mothers to whom breathing is important.

Eliza In The Details

Dear Family,

"Courage, cheerfulness, and a desire to work depends mostly on good nutrition."
-- Jacob Moleschott, The American Kitchen Magazine, Volume 4, 1890

"darling child, don't you know
you're just where I started
let the sun shine on your face
your beginning's just begun"
-- Misty Copeland, Firebird



Which was your favorite part of the "Nutcracker"? "They were ALL my favorite parts!"

Crossing her arms over her chest: "My arms are double-mixed!"

A Mostly Autumnal Update

Dear Family,

"But oh how I loved everybody else
When I finally got to talk so much about myself."
-- Dar Williams, "What do you Hear in These Sounds?"

"Theirs was a large, noisy and improvident household, but they muddled through."
-- Beatrix Potter, "Peter Rabbit" [an adapted version of?]

"Time flies, when it's not your baby!"
--Our Neighbor, upon seeing Ivy for the first time in two months



My Dance Performance Last Year

Dear Family,

So this is a little belated, but I kind of forgot to send it a long time ago! It's a short dance performance which was the culmination of a series of really great dance classes, organized by a talented local teacher. (You can tell which dancer is me because I'm the one who is five month's pregnant with Ivy!)


Hope you had an easy fast, if you fasted. (I personally cooked for most of today, feeling thankful for the farms' bounty this year!)

Love, Sarabeth

Huff Post Takes On Big Pharma

Hi Family,

I am expecting this will be exceptionally interesting and well-done. It is also an issue that makes me so angry that I can't see straight!


"Enjoy," --Sarabeth

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