Quickly Up to Speed

Dear Family,

We co-hosted a party today in the common house, meant to be a "Cabin
Fever" celebration with lots of outdoor winter sports. But the gods
provided no snow, so mostly we ate a lot and talked. So much so that
I am tired from all the exertion (jaw exercise really can tire a

A bulleted list of happenings this week:

--Jeff got better (he'd gotten sick).

--Jem got better (he'd gotten sick, too).

--Ben did a lot of building with K'nex.

--Jem learned a new word for the first time in several weeks. He is
definitely his father's son: the new word is "burp."

--I've gotten a group together to hire a teacher to do pilates on
Sunday mornings. Also, I'm teaching a series of cooking classes on
Sunday evenings in March. Next week is "Simple Suppers and Basic
Cooking Techniques." I already have six students signed up, two of
whom I don't know.

--Ben is into lions now, and bears, and did I mention K'nex? We
tried to look at some pond water under the microscope on Friday.
Either we weren't using the scope properly, or the pond is sterile.
Jeff's blood has a lot of cells in it, though!

--Jeff and Ben discovered a big, fallen-down tree in the woods,
which we've been visiting periodically so that Ben can practice
climbing while my heart practices skipping beats. "It's okay," he
tells me. "It doesn't look wide enough, but it's _very_ wide when
you get to the really high part."

--I had my most non-depressed week in recent memory. Sleep is very
good for a person! Jem watches me every morning - now he knows what
to do with ear plugs. I'm getting addicted to them...

Love you all!