Where Are You, Fellow Left-Wing, Liberal Progressives?

January 3, 2022

Dear Family,

The other day I got this letter from a dear friend, and I present it to you here, in its entirety, because this friend is a very good writer and thinker and you may appreciate the stories described therein. If you wish to reply, I will forward your emails along; I have removed my friend’s name and location.



Where Are You, Fellow Left-Wing, Liberal Progressives?
By Anonymous

First, to provide my credentials: I have spent all of my life falling pretty far left of center. I campaigned for Obama – door-to-door, kids in tow.  Before the pandemic, I volunteered regularly at Planned Parenthood and I help run their yearly teen conferences here (300-500 attendees). I lobby legislators for traditional left-wing causes. I marched, I protested more than my share over the years; I phone banked with governor xxxxxx’s wife as part of his campaign volunteer staff.

So let me say my head is spinning at the painful realizations that have taken hold this past year and a half. And lest there is a possibility that it appears I have jumped into the Republican right wing crowd, far from it. What was repulsive to me in the past with much of their policies remains. However, I can no longer support or consider myself a part of the Democratic party. And I find the group of individuals like me growing every day.

There’s a bigger picture here to be aware of. Way beyond left or right or even politicians, because Lord knows, the political left or right will not save us (unless there is money – much money – to be made doing so).

I keep thinking – has everyone lost their collective minds? It started early last summer. I went to Provincetown, Mass for a quick get-away. This was shortly after everyone was told if you get your vaccine, you can take off your masks, you’re safe (or as Rachel Maddow proclaimed:

_“Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person. A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.”_

Except it doesn’t and it does and it does. Back to Cape Cod. When we arrived, P’town was a war zone. Over 1,000 people were just infected with Covid – with almost everyone vaccinated. And they _did_ wind up IN hospitals, and they _did_ wind up sick, and they did spread it to others – LOTS of others.

OOOOPS! Declared the CDC. The response from media and others was that it was that irresponsible gay community issue. You know how they party! The anger, nay, fury amongst the Provincetown community was palpable. But only locally – we were there and read the local papers and spoke with members of the community. This is perhaps the most medically-obedient community in the world, having lived through HIV and AIDS, and they had all gotten their vaccines, were told it was safe to resume their pre-covid vacation lives…and now were told they were irresponsible? _Appalling._ In fact, thanks to the gay community’s meticulous contact tracing, the CDC called it the “largest citizen study” to date.  Quietly, the CDC changed their masking recommendations at that time (it’s in the CDC website – barely acknowledged, but on the website.)  We were baffled – _how could the CDC make a nationwide “mistake” like that?_  Unless, of course, it wasn’t a mistake. The “bait” was being able to take your mask off, the “switch” or reality, was it just wasn’t (obviously) true.

The kicker (and it’s right on the CDC website near the end of the Provincetown report)? The viral load was identical in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated:

“Data from this outbreak provide support for an increasing body of evidence that fully vaccinated persons transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others, including other fully vaccinated persons”

“This investigation highlights that… SARS-CoV-2 can spread quickly through a highly vaccinated population and can be transmitted to others regardless of vaccination status”

Around this time I had a friend whose doctor treated her with Ivermectin, early on. He had treated hundreds of patients, ACTUAL COVID PATIENTS, successfully with Ivermectin. How could this be? There seemed suddenly to be a concerted media  condemnation of Ivermectin – the “Horse De-wormer”. So I dove deep. Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in 2015. It was/is an extremely safe medication, prescribed world-wide, for many years. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2052297521000883

What was going on?  Again, Maddow (a former hero of mine, mind you) showed lines of African Americans with gunshot wounds lined up outside an Oklahoma hospital supposedly because there were so many overdoses of Ivermectin, that these wounded people had to wait in line to get into the emergency room, as one doctor pleaded. Maddow spoke about this in depth on her show, put it on-line, and CNN continued to mock Ivermectin. Except, that doctor who was quoted was not working at that hospital, the hospital absolutely denied the report and said they had not seen any Ivermectin overdoses, and there were no “gunshot wound” victims lined up. They had plenty of beds and doctors available. Maddow’s story was picked up by Rolling Stone and other publications world-wide. (Why the stock photo of the African American people on line had winter coats and hats in the middle of summer, and why there were suddenly that many gunshot wounds in that one community, was never discussed. Racism much?) The doctor who lied and made up the story was never disciplined. The articles never retracted. My jaw was on the floor.

Thus began my waking up to something much larger and more sinister going on. I found the FLCCC website and began to listen to their weekly zoom meeting. These were hundreds of doctors, world-wide who ACTUALLY TREATED COVID PATIENTS. Not bureaucrats, or politicians, or “officials” in health organizations who have not treated any patients. And what I found was startling. Initially, there were no early treatments in the U.S. I personally know of people with Covid at that time who were told to go home and if you can’t breathe, go to the hospital. But doctors around the world treating these patients began to make observations. Those on Ivermectin because of lice or parasites or other issues (it is actually safer than Aspirin) weren’t getting sick, or recovered quickly.  Those on anti-psychotic meds were faring better, and those taking certain steroids’ fared better. That early treatment was the key – the opposite of what was being done. They came together to share their results, but were censored again and again and again. Because these were “repurposed” drugs. Just Like penicillin for instance. It’s used for animals, for people, for infections, etc. It’s very common to take an FDA approved drug (which Ivermectin is) and use it off-label. Why was this possibly life-saving treatment being so powerfully sidelined?

_Because to allow the “emergency usage” label for the minimally tested developing vaccines, there could be no effective, or possibly effective treatment available. So all early, possibly life-saving options were immediately censored._

Have we all lost our collective memories to think that these pharmaceutical companies are suddenly trustworthy??? That they are not making billions of dollars off this pandemic? I just read a Forbes magazine financial report (will send if anyone’s interested) with the predicted earnings (many billion$) of these pharmaceutical companies – it was astonishing. Like beef futures, or silver futures: which vaccine manufacturer to invest in and the expected returns. I rarely watch TV, but I was in an office the other day and it was on. Just about every single ad was for a drug. Same with magazines, newspapers, etc. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, simply an observation. Does anyone think these publications, stations, programs who rely on pharmaceutical revenue for their existence, are going to allow ANY negative press on their products – i.e., earnings? Have we forgotten the opioid epidemic??? J&J Baby powder cancer causing products? Drug after drug that killed and maimed patients??

So now comes the Omicron variant. The vaccines are clearly ineffective. Just about everyone I know is vaxed – triple vaxed. And still came down with Covid. Clearly, the vaccine did not stop the spread. Milder reaction, you say? Right from day one the South African authorities said this was a mild variant. I have a handful of un-vaccinated friends, and know of two or three families. My nephew and his whole family in the mid-west – unvaccinated, said it was like a mild cold. One other mom here, got it several days after spending time with her triple-vaxed sister who came down with Covid the day after the holiday. Three days later my friend had a runny nose and stuffy head. Clearly the vaxed giving it to the unvaxxed, not the other way around. Two days later she was back to normal. Not the best example, but another family here: Mom is a smoker and overweight, 95-year-old grandma lives with them, 3 teenage boys and a dad. Not vaxed.  Same result – they’ve had worse colds. Latest data shows the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes approximately 10 weeks after the shot. Other data suggests the vaxed are actually MORE likely to get Covid. Are you kidding me?

Lastly, again with personal stories, a grandfather of a friend had a stroke and died two days after the shot. He was quite active with no health issues. Another friend shared that her dad developed life-threatening blood clots shortly after the shot, and was hospitalized for two weeks. My niece, a NYC nurse who worked throughout Covid at the epicenter, developed Shingles from the vaccine. Even her doctor told her this was not uncommon and don’t get any further shots. And there are more.  Have you visited the VAERS website? The number of vaccine reactions and deaths is astonishing. This is our own government’s website. (Although they have substantially changed the format making it nearly impossible to discern the actually number of reports.) My daughter’s menstrual cycle is still not regular after her vaccines. Go figure.

The point of all this is that it has been a painful awakening for me. Did you know that hundreds of city workers were fired because of vaccine mandates? Do I really _care_ if the sanitation worker taking my garbage is vaccinated?? This narrative of vaccine mandates, forcing people to lose their jobs, is from the “Workingman’s Party”??? The former city workers - the “heroes” who got us through the pandemic before vaccines, are now FIRED?! It’s crushing to my psyche to witness. If, like Maddow had suggested, the virus STOPS with the vaccines, I would be champanioning everyone getting the shots. However, now I’m being told:

_The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected._

So the word “cult” is a trigger for me. Because now, if one questions the absurdity of the narrative we are being force fed on a daily basis – if you point out that the three shots didn’t work (and were not designed for the current variant) - one is seen as an uneducated right-wing Trumper. ???!!! The elitism and condescension is astonishing.  The Dems are going to be slaughtered in the next election (just as they were here in state elections) if they don’t back off, change their course, stop obeying the whims of the pharmaceutical  giants and heed the advice of actual doctors who have treated thousands of patients (see the FLCCC: https://covid19criticalcare.com/ ), and actually do some research into the bigger picture of how vaccine manufacturers and their mouthpieces are using fear and chaos to maximize their profits.

Wake up, my dear progressive friends!!


[Post script - further remarks from my progressive friend:]

Thank you everyone for sharing! I suddenly feel less alone. ❤️

To that tidbit about Ptown, I forgot to add the kicker (and it’s right on the CDC website near the end of the Provincetown report): the viral load was identical in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated:

“Data from this outbreak provide support for an increasing body of evidence that fully vaccinated persons transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others, including other fully vaccinated persons”

“This investigation highlights that… SARS-CoV-2 can spread quickly through a highly vaccinated population and can be transmitted to others regardless of vaccination status.”

I guess I just wanted to emphasize how painful this has been. Well, maybe painful isn’t the right word, but how challenging this has been to accept that everything I believed in is possibly or most likely untrue.

As an aside, we’ve been talking about this, [spouse] and I this morning, during our walk. He grew up in the Catholic Church, went all through Catholic school, and had an awakening at some point that it was, in his parlance, BS. And then he was very patriotic and went to the army and was sent to Korea and when he came out, with many injured relatives and friends who were shipped to Vietnam, was very angry at the protesters and what was going on. And then as he read and researched, he discovered he was duped. It was all a profit motivated lie. The entire war. He was very disillusioned and angry. But he was able to step up, which is extraordinary for his socioeconomic background, and say: I’ve been lied to, I’ve been fooled.

And now the two of us are realizing this whole narrative, the pharmaceutical companies calling all the shots around the world, and the Democrats supporting it, is another mind boggling realization. And unless one is open enough to the possibility that one has been fooled, which is nearly impossible for the human ego, things are just going to keep being the way they’re being.

You may certainly use my letter and pass it on - any of it or all of it - whatever you think is most effective. No one anywhere else would ever publish it. I have watched interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, who want to expose what’s going on, and there is not a publication, a so-called “legitimate” publication, that will publish any of it.”

I was in my book club group recently, and everyone was lamenting that a former member, Republican, had left the group after the discussion evolved into a Right-wing bashing session. The half dozen or so ladies are all very left of center. They hadn’t known this one member leaned right. One of the women actually said the other day, “I wish she had stayed, I would’ve liked to hear what she had to say.” Everyone agreed.

At that point another member started to complain that her sister was sending her all “anti-VAX info.” Curious, I said, “Oh, did you look at any of it?”

She scowled. “Of course not, I just deleted it. I don’t want to see any of that propaganda.”

So there ya go.