Nancy's Apple-Cranberry Kraut

From Nancy, via Millie, comes this recipe, adapted by me:

1 part cabbage (very pretty with purple)
1 part peeled apples
1 pint fresh cranberries, or 1/2 bag frozen ones, whirled in the food processor until just chopped
1 tbsp. salt
1/2 cup sauerkraut juice/starter (optional)

Mix all ingredients, cover carefully (so that liquid covers the veggies/fruits) and let ferment for about two weeks.

Proportions: 4 lbs. cabbage and 4 lbs. apples, along with the cranberries, fits into 2 gallon jars, each filled halfway.


Update on this recipe:

The first time I tried it (and posted it), I used coarsely shredded produce. It came out FABULOUS.

This past time (uncorked my second batch last night), it was not as good, but still okay. For this batch, I grated things quite finely.

I'm finding fermenting fruit somewhat tricky, since it has so much sugar. Also I overfilled my jar this time, and a lot of the liquid not only bubbled, but bubbled over and away, so there wasn't as much in the finished ferment. It's really important to have lots of liquid to cover, I think, especially with so little salt.

I think that cutting the high-sugar things into larger pieces works better, to release a bit less juice from them and more, proportionately, from the cabbage.

My plan next time: I'm going to fill my jar less full, definitely use a ziploc bag to cover, and slice the apples instead of shred them... Probably if it were warmer weather, I'd also use more salt.

Sorry about anyone who had to find this out the hard way.