Adventures of Veronica, a homeschooled teenager

August 22, 2000

(Mostly Compiled From Actual Events)
By Emily Houk, Selina Hunt, and Sarabeth Matilsky

Cast of characters:
-Veronica, a homeschooled teenager
-A Concerned Mail Carrier
-Veronica’s Concerned Grandmother
-Two of Veronica’s Concerned Peers
-Two Concerned Strangers
-Two Concerned Friends-of-the-Family


Mail Carrier: So, here’s your mail.

Veronica: Thanks.

M: You know, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been getting any college applications…

A Young Woman Adventurer

March 15, 2000

(Originally published in "Adventures and Challenges: Real Life Stories by Girls and Young Women," edited by Frances A. Karnes and Suzanne M. Bean)

By Sarabeth Matilsky

I was in the Seattle Airport anticipating my red-eye flight home to the East Coast with very little joy. I was returning to NJ from a camp for homeschooled teenagers, and it had been an incredible week. What a bummer to end all that with a trip on something as sterile as an airplane.

My Day, January 22 1998

January 22, 1998

January 20, 1998

There are a lot of headaches that one must deal with to be an unschooler. For eighteen years, my parents or myself have had to answer continual questions on everything from my social development to my ability to get a Real Job. And yet, despite all the challenges I wouldn’t trade these eighteen years for anything in the world. Today was one of those days that reminded me of that...

Teaching in a Lonely Desert

November 20, 1996

(Originally published in the George Street Co-op's newsletter, "Food for Thought," in 1996(?)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

I never sit in a school classroom. I’m a homeschooler, and the idea of a classroom with other students around me in orderly rows and a teacher in front is alien to me. Does this mean I have no teachers, that I don’t learn from anyone? Does it indicate that I am deprived of an intellectual community?

Turning Sixteen

May 3, 1996

(Originally published in "New Moon Network" magazine, May/June(??) 1997)

by Sarabeth Matilsky

On 12 November 1995, I turned sixteen and crossed that invisible threshold separating childhood from the rest of my life. On that crisp November evening I passed into a new period of my life surrounded by my family and twenty-four close friends.

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