Concerning Spanking - A Post Script

The day after I sent my last update, a friend wrote:

"I can't not respond to this. I grew up in this. I was this child. Complete with the hitting and the cult-like religious involvement. And yes, it is a cult. Report it. Next time, please report it. It damages. For life.

"Even if they ultimately get off because it's legal, there will be a CPS investigation in their file. Even if that means nothing, you have not stood by. We have to stop standing by.

Contemplating a Strike

A group of church families were camped nearby during the first week we were here. Lots of kids. Lots of rowdiness. A little girl just a year older than Eliza, who came over to play pretend games on the second afternoon.

That second night, I overheard a father and a crying child in their tent across the street: "I told you to put on your pull-up, and I told you AGAIN to put on your pull-up, and when I turned around, you were lying there with your legs out and you had NOT put on your pull-up. You have to learn to do as you're told!"

A Soliloquy of The Moment

After Jeff and I had been together for awhile, I pretty much told people that my favorite topic of conversation was sex. I was probably a bit, I regret only a little, insufferable about how fun my life had become. But you know how it is - when something takes up a lot of your brain space, it becomes your Primary Topic of Import.

In Which We Are Home Free!

Dear Family,

"The notion that we need the same type of economic system for all areas of life is ridiculous. For big things like cars, airplanes, computers, etc, capitalism is appropriate and works very well. For public services, education, utilities and (I believe) natural resources, a kind of socialism is the appropriate model. But for things like food, farming, clothing, low-tech manufacturing, etc, the best model is free enterprise (which is different from capitalism)."

--Sally Fallon Morell


In Which We Get Rid of 95% of Our Possessions in 3 Weeks

Dear Family,

"Working as a mover makes you not be a hoarder. I see so much stuff every day, and I don't want any of it! All they are...are nice things."

--G. Owner of a local moving company

So yeah. It's pretty crazy to decide, after ten years of living in a place, to leave. It's even more crazy to decide to stop living in a house. Especially when you, despite some exceptions during camping trips, always HAVE lived in a house, and now suddenly you've decided to keep only those possessions that are absolutely necessary AND will fit into a van + pop-up camper.

In Which We Make It Through Another Winter, Get The Chickenpox, and Begin An Adventure

Dear Family,

"Why change the diet, many people ask; we are going to die anyway, so shouldn't we just enjoy what we eat? The that if we just eat anything that tempts us, and allow our families to do the same, we end up with a life in which little can be enjoyed.

Nursing Ivy Lyn

"We don’t treat asthma in mothers to whom breathing is important.

A Mostly Autumnal Update

Dear Family,

"But oh how I loved everybody else
When I finally got to talk so much about myself."
-- Dar Williams, "What do you Hear in These Sounds?"

"Theirs was a large, noisy and improvident household, but they muddled through."
-- Beatrix Potter, "Peter Rabbit" [an adapted version of?]

"Time flies, when it's not your baby!"
--Our Neighbor, upon seeing Ivy for the first time in two months



Huff Post Takes On Big Pharma

Hi Family,

I am expecting this will be exceptionally interesting and well-done. It is also an issue that makes me so angry that I can't see straight!

"Enjoy," --Sarabeth

Erev Rosh Hashanah

I got all sad tonight. I'd kind of remembered to forget that tonight is Erev Rosh Hashanah, mostly because I am completely not a Practicing Jewish Person in any religious sense.

But, as I attempted to convey to my children at dinner, I am culturally Jewish. And therefore, half their ancestors are, too. I told them that they come from a long line of people who were strong in the face of much persecution, and I said that my cultural background has trained me to Be Straightforward - no wishy-washy namby-pamby afraid-to-talk-about-what-we-believe around sirree!

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